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abandoned cars, cal trans towed them to a spot that people can pick them up later in the evening. >>> seeing smoke and flames inside the caldecott tunnel today was especially frightening for drivers who remember that deadly tanker fire inside one of the bores that happened back in the 80s. alex savidge here now with a look at the safety plans in place today. alex. >> reporter: the three existing bores of the caldecott tunnel have a series of safety features including a complex ventilation system and also warning signs for drivers. all of this put in place after that deadly fire 30 years ago. today a spokesman for cal trans told me the tunnel safety system steams to have done the job today. [ inaudible ] it was a frightening scene for drivers today as smoke filled the caldecott tunnel after a car burst into flames. the air was quickly cleared thanks to a ventilation system that blew the smoke out of the east side of the tunnel. cal trans was able to reverse the air flow. >> we needed to get the smoke blowing the opposite direction. >> reporter: the fans are part of a series of safety features
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1